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    If you're a long time bong smoker or collector than you probably already know that RooR is one of the best brands around for quality and value for your money. RooR bongs are made with only ultra high borosilicate glass, are made in germany and are the epitome of amazing. If you're sick of boring, plain waterpipes that just don't give you the hit you want anymore than it's time to convert to a RooR. Odds are once you've smoked from a RooR you'll never want to go back to any other type of bong. There's quite a lot of variety in the styles, colors and features found in RooR glass bongs too - some feature ice catchers, some have percolators and other's are just plain massive! No matter what type of water pipe you're after though you can rest assured that with RooR you are getting the best and this site is the best place to find just that!

    We've recently added a new range of RooR steamrollers - these are compact open-ended pipes that REALLY pack a punch. They're also affordable and (as with all RooR gear) are made to an extremely high standard. Be sure to check them out!